Send & Receive Text Messages 01

Sending text messages with Lucia is simple! Type a message and Lucia will read to you every letter, words and sentences. Received text messages will be read aloud.

Calls 02

Lucia offers speed dial buttons for quick & easy access, contact management or simply the option to dial numbers manually. The voice guide will read aloud dialed numbers.

Accessibility – Beyond User Friendly 03

Lucia is 100 percent accessible to individuals who are blind or low vision. Its features make it the perfect phone for individuals who are visually impaired, blind, hard of hearing or seniors.

Voice Guide


Speech interface guides the user while using the phone. It speaks everything that is on the screen, speaks the keys that are pressed and even prompts the user to perform certain functions. Caller ID, amount of remaining battery power, contacts, list of missed calls and text messages are read out loud by Lucia. The user can select between several different languages and voices.

Keyboard Optimized For Readability And Accessibility 05

Easy to navigate menus with large and highly tactile buttons. The control buttons are different colors and shapes so that the user always presses the correct button.

Long Battery Life 06

Lucia has a powerful battery and can operate for more than one week before requiring a charge offering 10 days standby time and 5 hours of talking time.

Sound Boost +25 dB 07

To assist people who are hard of hearing, the phone has a “Sound Boost” function that provides additional 25 dB with the press of a button. Lucia has premium speakers to maximize clarity and sound experience.

Language Options 08

Lucia offers full functionality including the voice guide in more than ten languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and many more to come.

Alarms & Reminders 09

Set single occurrence or repetitive alarms with daily, weekly or monthly options. Use alarms as reminders by adding a reminder text or alarm name.

Caller ID 10

Lucia’s voice guide will announce and display the name of the caller or the phone number in case the caller is not stored in contacts. Answer or dismiss the call by pressing one of the large tactile buttons.

Quality & Reliability 11

Lucia offers the well-known quality of a Swiss-made product. Lucia is designed, engineered and assembled in Switzerland.

Simplicity 12

Although Lucia is providing many great features, it offers great simplicity and is the most user-friendly device in its category.

Contacts 13

Lucia allows users who are blind to enter their own contacts and move through the contact list to hear the contact names read out loud.

Display 14

There are different color schemes available for optimal contrast and visibility. You can even design your own color scheme.

SOS Button 15

For seniors, the phone has a dedicated SOS button on its back. Once activated by a long press, it will dial sequentially up to five custom numbers.

User-friendly Design 16

Lucia’s modern, accessible and ergonomic design was created based on user feedback.

Hearing Aid Compatibility 17

Lucia offers excellent M3-M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility for users with hearing aids.

Mobile Provider Compatibility 18

Lucia is unlocked and can be used with compatible GSM providers.

Large Text 19

Exceptionally large characters combined with customizable color schemes.

Simplified Navigation 20

Clear, intuitive and easy-to-navigate menus.